Bobbie Cornell and Nicci Armour

Bobbie & Nicci are a part of CLOSER Developments, working to provide affordable housing solutions through building Connected Communities, not just houses.

About me

Bobbie Cornell co-founded CLOser in August 2017 at the Tauranga Startup weekend. After returning to NZ from over 15 years living and working as a Design Architect in Asia, and becoming a solo parent, her focus has been on designing Small Spaces and building community. She built a tiny house for herself and two children in the first half of 2018, which is now located on an Orchard in Tauranga. Active with the group Housing Alternatives Tauranga & Bay of Plenty since early 2017, she has since worked through CLOser to create a sustainable, affordable and connected living solution.

Nicci Armour joined team CLOser in August 2018 at this crucial time of feasibility work. Nicci comes from an impressive background of science and cancer genetics research, where she formed and participated in national and international collaborations with broad expertise that aimed to address key clinical questions. An outside the box thinker, her analytical, innovative and strategic approach to her role with a strong people focus and desire to support community building and sustainability is invaluable. She unschools her three young children (with her husband) and together they are passionate about supporting a generation of innovative future leaders with the capacity to solve the challenges facing our planet.

Bobbie & Nicci are now living on the same orchard - walking the talk and building the foundations of a community right here in Tauranga.

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